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Finding Carter: “Now You See Me”

I’m going to be so mad if Carter gets back with Hot Vintage Car Thief! Seems like he’ll be in this episode from the preview, though. I’m starting to like Gabe more, but his dad has gotten on my bad side. I’m also looking forward to this episode because it looks like we’ll be getting some more Lori, and her relationship with Carter is by far the most interesting on the show.

Why am I not surprised that Wallflower takes Latin? Bless her. “Gunsie knivesie.” Bless you too, Max. “You are surprisingly quotable.” “If you pick right, one’s enough.” Yes this ship must sail so hard. Every scene with these two is gold.

Finding Carter Mtv animated GIF

Okay, in what world would anyone think that painting is flattering? Never do you paint your friend with half of her face falling off.

Max’s explanation of evolution is amazing, I just hope it won’t effect ratings on the Bible Belt.

Why is Bird doing this? Carter has proven herself to be a dramatic character who likes to make a scene, but she knows that. Why wouldn’t she try to be the level headed one? She seems the calm, collected artistic type. Carter has already shown that she doesn’t want people capitalizing on her recent fame. So this overall does not seem like a good move.

Man, does Carter never go to class? Also, their parents are police people, shouldn’t they keep their kids from practicing truancy? They’re only at school in the technical sense. Wow, he must really like her to spend all day yanking down fliers.

“Did the world stop revolving around you for a second?” Considering the way you’re treating her, spending hours putting up posters of her face, clearly not. Also, WTF is going on with Bird? While I kind of agree that Carter is a bit bratty, Bird is completely out of line.

While I appreciate the wisdom of Sassy Art Teacher, this task should be all Bird. She screwed up, let her clean up. This is just a ruse to make them do a boring chore and make up. “Don’t bitch at me, I was here all night putting them up.” Girl, you’re the bitch in this scenario. And then they just make up. This random thing had literally no effect on the overall plot, except to push Gabe and Carter together in an awkward stairwell kiss. I’m kind of lukewarm about them now- he seemed to be really into her, but that kiss was really weird. Carter is not good at making choices about intimacy. The only guy she’s kissed at a time when it wasn’t weird was Max in the pilot on the Ferris Wheel. And we’re all behind him and Taylor. So that’s done.

Facepalm animated GIF 

There in nothing more conspicuous than wearing a hat and sunglasses. Isn’t she supposed to be good at disappearing? Well, at least she has a plan. Lori and Carter have a really unique mother-daughter relationship, unlike any other parent and child on the show. Lori has lied to Carter her entire life, and kept her from her biological parents and siblings, but she still loves and trusts her mother completely. I could totally see them having a season like Archer Vice where they have different identities or they’re on the run. That would actually be really great, I could see them using this first season to really ground Carter in her new life, then they run away over the season finale. Then the beginning of season two, assuming the show gets renewed, they’re on the run for five or six episodes before they get caught or Carter has a crisis of conscience. Then the rest of the season would be fallout. Alternatively, they could have a falling out because Carter gets used to her new old family, which would be less interesting, but at this point far more likely.

“Tasteful abandonment” no wonder their daughter is terrible – no attention at home, will seek it elsewhere. Though what bird did was idiotic, I like her again. Still, her actions seem a bit out of character and unnecessarily over-dramatic.

Evil Laugh Tv animated GIF 

He bought them a car! Poor David, trying to assuage the guilt of publishing. Although apparently they aren’t so secretly broke, huh? Guess that secret goes off the list. Or, I guess, it’s modified, because now Elizabeth knows about it, but no one else does. And the marital troubles continue! Fun with the Sassmouth gammie and pop pop. Naturally, they’re the same grandparents as in Gilmore Girls, they have to be mean to be rich.

The way he talks about her is not like an accountant- it’s like he’s the creative type and she’s the boys in corporate!

Head Shake Interview animated GIF

Detective Gabe’s Dad says, “You can still talk to me.” Aaand they’re making out in the closet. Is that what talking looks like now? Man, Carter must be a great conversationalist. Every guy wants to talk to her. It really must be over with David, because they’re not even trying to hide. I’m totally betting he gets the check at the end of the episode and they stay together. She’s just buckling under money pressure and their completely dysfunctional family.

Elizabeth’s response to the spontaneous sleepover: “Looks like fun- not too much noise.” That, ladies and gents, is the attitude of a mom who either a) is on Xanex or b) just got laid. Carter and Taylor know something’s up. Their relationship is developing nicely. #Partnersincrime!

Oh, sexy cooking with Taylor and Max. Maxflower for the win! Good thing he improbably moved to town. Independent teenager fallacy!

Oh, poor Bird. So deep, so wounded. I knew there was a reason they had her acting so out of character. Since her parents neglect her so much, it makes sense that she was put in a position where she was abused. This actually makes everything make way more sense. Like, I don’t get why someone as blunt as Carter wouldn’t call her on her weird behavior earlier, but it all makes sense in retrospect.

And then it finishes with Carter having a momentary lapse in memory, and feeling terrible about it.

Next episode, seems like she’ll be talking to Cute Felon again, and trying to find Lori. Looks like Carter will be trying to get close to Elizabeth to find her, which should be funny. Also, looking forward to when Elizabeth decides to tell her husband that they’re splitting up.

Lucy Hale Photography animated GIF 

And the secrets so far!

Mom has had an affair with her partner, who is also Gabe’s dad. She ended it, but now it’s back on and she said that it’s over between her and her husband.

Carter is trying to get back with Lori, her “real” mom.

David and Elizabeth know that they are in foreclosure, but the kids aren’t in the loop. Also, they just used their daughters to get money from her parents.

Dad is secretly writing the book about Carter, though he promised her he wouldn’t.

Carter and Dad are the only ones who know that Carter nearly got caught with Crash in a stolen car.

Max is the only one who knows that Lori is still in town, getting ready to run away with Carter again.

Carter appears to be the only one who knows that someone abused Bird. We’ll probably hear more about this later.


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