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Finding Carter: “The Drive”

Well, we’ve established our main characters, a few secrets and some minor subplots! Let’s watch episode three.

Ooh, cute blond guy in the police station. Thank God the FBI picked up Carter’s kidnapping, I swear the local police already made enough fools of themselves. Why on earth is Carter apologizing to the whole police force? Carter does not seem the kind of girl to apologize. Also, Carter, play nice to the cop lady, who happens to be your biological mother, who can further ruin your life. You have no credibility right now. YOU JUST GOT OUT OF THE HOSPITAL. FOR DOING DRUGS. STOP TESTING HER LIMITS.

Awkward Easy A animated GIF 

Oh, Crash is good with words. Does anyone ever not manipulate this girl? Seriously, these kids are bad for Carter. She meets the local rich kids and it all goes downhill. And why was Wallflower friends with that guy she likes? She’s opposite of intense. He’s all buddy buddy with the local underage bookie (I just call him Eyebrows, I have no idea what his name is.) She’s probably on the Yearbook Committee.

Speaking of the Rich Kids, man does Carter inspire loyalty fast. They’re trying to help her find her fugitive mother. That’s loyalty.

Love the rapport between the parents “Not the surfer dude- the surfer dude?” Well, Denisof saves the day! Maybe there’s hope for this dreadful marriage after all. I mean, they do seem to be able to have a conversation about the future of their delinquent daughter without fighting.

Okay, teaching the preteen to roll a joint? I’m less than pleased with you, golden boy.

Animaniacs Bad Idea animated GIF 

Now that’s awkward. Carter really wants to drive these people away, huh? Making out with a guy in front of all of those people, at least half of which are related to her? They all know how weird it is. Man, Carter is just needlessly rebellious.

LOL, when Carter says her mother told her that her father was some “Beautiful Stranger.” Alexis Denisof is beautiful, you dummy.

Duh Obviously animated GIF 

Carter seems to have no social skills. Like, thou shalt not discuss thy parents’ marriage with thy parents. Still, she and Daddy David seem to be doing pretty well.

Can we just talk about how adorable and lovable Max is? He’s just like a well-meaning, not too bright puppy. He’s way cuter with all of that hair out of the way, and Wallflower knows it. Get it girl! Your sister basically has every other eligible bachelor in town in the palm of her hand. And he is literally the sweetest person alive. Okay, I’m done. I ship it.

Finding Carter Mtv animated GIF 

“That’s not a real job!” He’s so adorable. From the first episode, I kinda thought Max would be kind of a dirt bag, but so far he’s the least douchey, most forward person on this show. Team Maxflower!

Oh, and Elizabeth has an evil plan! Poor Taylor. She seems so sweet, I hope she doesn’t have her heart broken twice in as many episodes. She’s dull, but she has a pretty face, and she certainly doesn’t dress as boringly as earlier. She means well, give her a break!

Papa Gabe, or The Guy Elizabeth is Cheating With has a heart to heart with his son. Also, he looks about thirty years old. And don’t be stupid, telling him not to go out with her will make him want her more. We’ve already seen this with Crash. Don’t make the same parenting mistake twice in one episode! Besides, he probably only wants to keep them apart to make it less awkward when they become step-siblings. That’s gonna be a fun time.

Do Not Want Firefly animated GIF

Wow, Elizabeth really knows how to act. She is a bit evil, isn’t she? Forcing Max our of the house during dinner? Cold. She takes another turn at the Let’s Manipulate Carter table. Who tries to coerce their teenage daughter to sleep with another teenager? Creepy.
Also, love the cute bathroom scene with Carter and Wallflower. Very sisterly. Where does Carter get off telling her sister that she likes every male person? “When it comes to boys, you win.” Well said, Wallflower! Impressive.

And Gabe is on the hook! Carter just friendzoned yet another guy. But she has so many on the hook at this point, I don’t know what to think.

Wow, Carter. I’m not sure that qualifies as a skirt. More a wide belt. But Cute Felon has a cool vintage car. Why the hell not? What’s the worst that could happen, in a car alone with a guy you barely know, who you know is unafraid of breaking the law, and has a record? Again, not a great show of judgement from Carter. Strike two!

Not Amused Overly Attached Girlfriend animated GIF 

“Seems like there’s a lot of guys filling in that application.” Cute scene with Max and little Bro. Also shows that Max is actually completely self-aware. Okay, he’s actually perfect. Max is adorable.

Oh, he stole the car. Damn. Crash! Why you gotta lie to a sister? Yeah Carter, admit you were wrong. Work on being more responsible while you’re at it.

Oh, cute scene with Daddy David. New secret! And just when they’re having a nice hug, Lori drives by. Gasp! Fin.

This episode did a great job developing David’s character better, and making the audience a little more sympathetic to Elizabeth, but it further explored the flaws in Carter’s characterization. While her sister Taylor is the girl next door, she’s the girl from the wrong side of the tracks. She’s a rebel, and has a dark past, a pretty face and nice legs. And that’s pretty much it. Add a little sarcasm, and mix. What are her passions? What does she do for fun, aside from underage drinking and making her parents miserable? What did she even talk about before she became a news story?

I’ve decided to keep a tally of big secrets that make it through each episode, since Carter claims everyone is lying to her, and they pretty much are. Basically, only stuff people are intentionally keeping from each other out of malice or to save themselves from consequences. So, Taylor crushing on Max doesn’t count.

Mom has had an affair with her partner, who is also Gabe’s dad. She ended it, but the preview for the next episode makes it seem like they might get back together.

Carter is trying to get back with Lori, her “real” mom. (This isn’t really a secret, but I felt it qualified.)

Dad is the only one who knows that they are in foreclosure.

Dad is secretly writing the book about Carter, though he promised her he wouldn’t. Though he does appear to regret agreeing to write it, so there’s that.

Carter and Dad are the only ones who know that Carter nearly got caught with Crash in a stolen car.


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