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Finding Carter: First Thoughts

Finding Carter, like most new shows, was highly advertised. And while at first these ads were EXTREMELY annoying, I got sucked in. I had high hopes for the show based on the cast and premise. So, upon viewing the show, I was mildly disappointed.

Firstly, while the characters are placed in a unique situation, they’re still standard sitcom characters: bitchy controlling emotionally unavailable mom, wallflower sister, and snarky younger brother.

The show was advertised as a maze of secrets, so as of the two-episode premier, here are the secrets so far:

Mom is having an affair with the Wallflower’s best friend’s dad.

Carter is trying to get back with her “real” mom. This isn’t really a secret, but I felt it qualified.

Dad is the only one who knows that they are in foreclosure.

Dad is secretly writing the book about Carter, though he promised her he wouldn’t . But we could assume that he was. Since that’s the name of the damn series. Still kinda better than having an affair though.                                                                                   

Carter herself seems relatively smart, but is also a standard issue rebel girl: Misfit, but intentionally so, punk, sarcastic, fun cool party type. Also, she’s trying to make exposed bra straps cool. I’m not gonna lie, it’s almost working. Her style is Urban outfitters without looking homeless. She makes some very poor decisions, despite her apparent intelligence. Oh yes, the best way to rebel is to take drugs with the morally questionable kids you just met whom you’ve been skipping school with. That seems like a good judgement call. Carter’s relationship with Lori, the only mother she really knows, is really sweet and appealing. I’m actually really interested in hearing where their story will go.

                                         Finding Carter Finding Carter S animated GIF

Carter is cute and fun, plus I love the short hair, but she’s royally effing up. Do not screw with the emotions of the guy your sister loves. Just tell him no! Carter’s already got that other guy hanging on. Speaking of hanger-on guy, god do I love him. The scene with him and the mom? Gold. They really do need to humanize Elizabeth because cold bitch comes off her in waves. And isn’t there some kind of rule against investigating a case your own family is involved in?

Also, while little brother comes off as irritating at first, I’m starting to like him. Unlike every other character on this show, he makes his feelings very evident. He makes it very obvious that he feels ignored. The deeper issue is exposed when he has insight, and his father says “We need to pay more attention to you.” He replies, “Yeah, that would be nice.”

I just hope they give Taylor a little more personality. Even she seems to be aware of how dull she is. Come on, Wallflower! You don’t have to dress differently, just try to be less . . . yeah, actually, change everything.

So far, I think the show is trying to do a lot at once, and I will be watching for the next week or two, but I’m not sure if I’ll be staying with it. I do love Alexis Denisof, and the rest of the cast seems to have taken well to their roles, but I’ve yet to make up my mind about Finding Carter. I don’t see the show having an extremely long life, while it may find an audience, I’m not sure what direction they can go in after a season or two working on resolving Carter’s issues.


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