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Netflix Gems: Supernatural Shows

Back to uncovering the best things you’re not watching on Netflix! I could write a million of these lists, and maybe I will.

The Vampire Diaries is over, The Originals is off the air, so we must keep ourselves occupied until the Winter melts away and we can once again go outside without getting frostbite. Let’s begin with a few high-quality shows that tackle one of our favorite TV tropes, the supernatural.

Supernatural, starring Jensen Ackles and Jared Paladecki

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This list could not begin any other way. Supernatural is a fan-favorite show, with great writing, perfect casting and just heart-destroying plot twists. You will cry. You will hate yourself. And you will watch all twelve seasons in less than a month. The first two seasons are rocky, but the show really hits its stride in season four, when Mischa Collins joins the cast, and many pedigreed actors have made notable and memorable appearances on the show. Overall, not to be missed. There are some troubling racial and gender related undertones early in the show, but those are subverted later in the show’s run. Still going strong, you have a lot to catch up on, since episode three hundred just aired.

Charmed, starring Holly Marie Combs, Alyssa Milano, Shannen Doherty and Rose McGowan

This show hit the ground running from the start, it’s sad, funny, silly and adorable all at once. The three leading roles are all women, though there is some cast rotation in the middle of the show’s run, and they’re all strong, funny and compelling. No season stands out as awful, but season four with the addition of McGowan breathes new life into the show, sustaining it until the show’s finale. Some of the best episodes revolve around Paige Matthews, the fourth Halliwell sister, and Piper Halliwell is one of the most badass witches to ever appear on TV. If you can stomach the outfits, which tend towards the ’90s, you’ll be totally charmed. There has been a recent reboot of the show, which has failed to attract consistent viewership, but might be worth checking out. It airs on the CW.

Bitten, starring Laura Vandervoot and Greyson Holt

This show is full of bloody conflict and true love. The leads are a compelling couple facing a series of obstacles, and nothing plays better than lovers in trouble. There are only three seasons of the show, but they are three flannel-clad and fun seasons of fascinating Canadian drama. Gory, dramatic, and high-stakes, Bitten is fun all around. It doesn’t hurt that everyone, and I mean everyone on this show is attractive.


Good Witch, starring Catherine Bell and Bailey Madison

I’d never actually seen the made-for-TV movies that are the precursor to this show until after watching all of it, but it plays well both ways. The character histories can be a little difficult to parse without backstory, and some of the story-lines abort without warning, but it’s overall a pleasant show to watch, and tends toward the family friendly if you want to take a break from morally dubious heroes. Cassie Nightingale is overwhelmingly virtuous, without being irritating. For a change, this show’s main teenagers are mostly tolerable. A pleasure to watch without being too taxing emotionally.

That’s a couple seasons to keep you warm until Spring, comment with your favorite supernatural show. Happy hibernating!