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“Mr. Wrong Number” by Lynn Painter

Mr. Wrong Number is a contemporary romance about a woman everyone sees as a disaster, and a man everyone thinks is perfect, finding out if they’re any good for each other.

Olivia is either a victim of the world’s worst luck, or the idiot her family seems to think she is. Following a blowup of both her personal and professional life, Olivia moves back home, crashing with her brother and his roommate until she gets a job. Unfortunately, she doesn’t know that said roommate is one of her least favorite people: Colin Beck, her brother’s college roommate and consummate smug asshole. Colin isn’t too keen to have Olivia around either, but he’s agreed to let her stay for a month.

Things take a turn when Olivia receives a “what are you wearing” text that was certainly not meant for her, and starts corresponding with a witty stranger. She doesn’t know her mysterious texter is none other than Colin- with whom she’s shared some risqué banter. Colin, meanwhile, has started to notice Olivia in a way he never used to, making him wonder what he was missing about her all along.

I enjoyed a lot of the tropes at work in this book- enemies to lovers, forced proximity, best friend’s sibling. The chemistry between the main characters is great and believable, and it hits one of the important notes in an enemies to lovers: the characters need to have been in a bad place with each other, and realistically come to a different understanding in order to get together. I love how their perspective on each other changes from the start to the end of the story. I found the family issues on both sides pretty compelling initially, but I didn’t like how they were left hanging without resolution. I also thought that Olivia’s career problems needed more purchase in the story, it just seemed like a vehicle for the Big Misunderstanding between the characters rather than organic to the narrative.

Obviously, no book is perfect, but despite the structural problems I had with this one, I really enjoyed reading it! It’s a sexy, fun story about two people finding each other despite some internal obstacles.

Mr. Wrong Number is available wherever books are sold. This reviewer was provided with an advance reader’s copy in exchange for honest feedback.