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Teen Wolf: “i.e.d.”

Firstly, where do all of these supernaturals just come from for them to kill? I get the whole “Beacon” Hills thing, but is it like a magic glowing neon arrow pointing to Beacon Hills? Doesn’t anyone else know what’s going on?

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Ooh, pretty blonde is a werewolf. How many ladies did Peter dabble with in this town? Eh, probably she’s related to that beer delivery dude. Aw, and she’s dead. I kind of liked her. What’s with the cryptic whispers though?

Ooh, I like bossy Scott. “I’ve got a beta” So close to the reality, that Scott is a mom now. Good for him. Baby Scott kind of feels like an Isaac replacement. I’d kind of like him and Scott to get buddy buddy, considering Liam so far is defined by being a punk ass bitch and having anger issues.

Coach is adorable. We’re disturbed too, man. For real, we know Stiles’ free time is limited, but bringing crime scene photos to school seems like a bad idea all around. Seriously, get this boy some more therapy.

What do I love more than Papa Argent and Derek working together? Very little. But I don’t buy Papa Argent turning to the dark side. While he has lost a lot, his Father, Wife, Sister and Daughter, in quick succession, he seems pretty sane. He and Scott have had a few good scenes together since his return last episode, and I don’t think he would turn so quickly on him in favor of a murderous Latina woman from a different family of hunters, who is so clearly using him. We’ve already seen the Calaveras do some pretty terrible things, they seem to be more in the Original Kate state of mind, kind of bloodthirsty and more than a little ruthless. Before she was turned, and before he was diagnosed as terminal, Grandpapy Argent and Kate were both on the same page as Victoria, basically that werewolves were the devil’s handmaidens. Only difference between Gerard and Kate, and Victoria, is that when Victoria was bitten, she held on to her beliefs, sacrificing her life to protect her loved ones. While I really hated Victoria, since she was pretty damn immoral, Gerard and Kate are worse than she was. They change their beliefs based on self preservation, and show no regard for the safety of others who they claim to care about. Thinking on it, I would believe Chris turning on our heroes if there had been a scene with Peter earlier, but Chris seems weirdly okay. Not that character development has ever been consistent in this show. So we’ll see.

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More on character development! These last few episodes have been crazy plot heavy, which has made them a bit clunky. While I like the way things have been moving, the plot has been escalating at the expense of character development, which has already been weak as of late. With the exception of Malia, these first few episodes of season four have been relatively disappointing. Scott has been doing pretty well, with his new control of his power and his attempt at controlling his life (remenicent of the beginning of season 3), but I’m less and less happy about his relationship with Kira. With what happened to Allison, Scott’s first love, one would think his feelings for another girl would fall by the wayside as he tries to deal with his shit. Scott has a lot of baggage, and he has no business trying to get with Kira right now. While I was initially on board with Scira, this episode made up my mind for me. While there was a scene specifically meant to endear Scira to viewers in the last episode, down at the lake, this episode just has them acting as teammates. It’s undeniable that the chemistry just isn’t there for Kira and Scott. Whenever Stiles and Malia are in the same room together, they have chemistry. Whenever Lydia and Stiles are in the same building, they have chemistry together. Without all of these dynamic and interesting relationships around them, Scira could be normal, even likable, but as it is they’re dull. Kira has yet to develop more personality traits, and Scott’s interest in her continues to be extolled. Lydia claims in an early episode that Scott is “totally into” Kira, and he may well like her, but she is clearly far more interested in him than he is in her.

While I still logistically find Malia and Stiles problematic, I can’t help but root for them, at least for now. They have such great chemistry, and Malia’s been developing so well. While she’s supposed to be technically eight years old mentally, she seems more practical than the others in some ways. Even in an episode like this one, with more plot than structure, she still shines. Shelley Hennig is amazing. One of the struggles of a show that runs more than three seasons is keeping original characters, and while Teen Wolf has a lot of character turnover, with deaths, it can be hard to integrate new characters successfully. Malia has had no such difficulty. While she may have some trouble fitting in with the others, she obviously belongs.

Random Thoughts

– Derek! No. You’re very attractive, but human would not be your best color. this could be interesting. I’m wondering what Krazy Kate did to him. The big mystery of the season is this benefactor, and I’m starting to think it has to be someone Kate really trusts.

– So if anger = strength, Peter must have it in spades. It also totally explains why Scott is less powerful, he’s too chill. Smoke less pot, Scotty!

– Gotta love the dance music in every lacrosse game sequence.

– And again where is my boy Danny? Are they just gonna replace him with the other gay guy? That’s not how it works, Jeff. Give us Danny or give us death! On second thought, he might actually take that seriously. Never mind that, but we miss Danny. Come on.

– Ooh, Deputy Parish is one of them! Actually seemed pretty likely from the beginning.

– Yeah bad ass Scott and bad ass Scott music. Finally using some of that Alpha power.

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