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Teen Wolf: The Benefactor

Another week, more Teen Wolf! It’s actually sad how much I genuinely look forward to this show. But onwards!

This episode starts pretty lighthearted, and that goes south pretty quickly. Gotta love them season 1 throwbacks. Scott disappearing is so Derek-esque. It actually reflects pretty well the changes that have happened over the course of three seasons, Scott has come to terms with what he is, understands it to a certain degree, and can control it. Derek is pretty much in the same place he was before, still looking for answers, no longer an alpha. Now we have a new Scott! Hurrah! In fact, I’m calling Liam Baby Scott until he stops annoying me.

Oh, Lydia. What could possibly go wrong with this plan? Kira is a vixen? She has no self-confidence, but I still don’t buy her falling down those stairs. She’s a freaking Kitsune! We must return to Stiles as the standard for physical comedy.

Speaking of Stiles, Papa Stilinski now thinks his son is into bondage, sweet. Papa Stilinski is probably just marveling at the fact that his son has managed to interest a hot young woman who is apparently willing. Wait, does the Sheriff know about Malia? Probably, he did do that whole investigation thing.

Peter Hale with a blowtorch – I ship it. Derek and Peter have great scenes together, I really can’t wait to see what’s going on in Peter’s mind.

Oh great, Baby Scott has issues. Maybe daddy issues like most of the characters? Seriously, aside from Stiles and Kira, pretty much all of the characters have been abandoned by their fathers. Lydia’s parents divorced, and her dad left, Scott’s dad left them, Alison and her dad didn’t see eye to eye for a long time, and Malia’s dad isn’t really her dad, Peter is. Maybe another part of the Beacon Hills magic is that it makes people leave?

Derek has had issues, maybe he can help with Baby Scott, they’re kind of related. If you think of lycanthropy as a family tree, Peter becomes Scott’s dad, Liam becomes Scott’s son, and Derek becomes Scott’s cousin. Admittedly, much older and hotter, with infinitely better arms. Derek talked about how he managed to control his transformation by controlling his anger, and that seems to be Baby Scott’s problem too.

Oh, a party might actually disguise all of the noise. But seriously, getting a bunch of drunk innocents in the area right as a wolf is coming out for the first time, not good judgement. Shame, Stiles, we expect better of you.

Okay, Scott is an alpha, he should easily overpower Liam on his own. This episode is a logistical nightmare. Seriously. I mean, Scott isn’t a huge guy, but with all of that Alpha power, he could at least use some of it to protect Liam from himself.

Why does keg delivery guy have to be a werewolf? This is so freaking weird. Oh, the freshmen are in on the whole assassin thing. They grow ’em young these days, huh? This town really does draw the weird ones.

Seriously, does anyone have attentive parents in this town? Also, does Lydia not have any more popular friends? Surely there are other popular seniors at BHHS?

Why don’t they just rent a freaking underground bunker once a month? Honestly, if there are than many supernaturals in Beacon Hills, they should really have it as a public service.

Scott is supposed to be total control guy, but they haven’t said anything about him being low on power because of it. Since as an alpha he has more power in his little finger than a beta in their whole body, WTF? Forreal, what’s up with basic bitch Liam?


Happy Dance Yoda animated GIF

I GOT YOUR TEXT, this man could not be more perfect.

How much do I love Derek and Sheriff pairing up? So much. Is he actually about to arrest the Mouthless Wonder? Oh, never mind. He dead. He got Peter’d.

Derek Hale Peter Hale animated GIF 

Okay, nice Scott. Go with the fatherly advice and help the lost kid. Seriously, Argent is on point. It actually goes to show how much Argent has developed as a character, because he knows Scott well enough to understand that he would rely on the wisdom of others when he should really be looking inside of himself. But listening to Scott try to be Derek for the last half an hour has been awesome. But there really is only one Derek Hale.

                        Derek Hale Scott Mcall animated GIF 

Okay, that stain has totally set in the carpet. Her mother is going to kill her. But not before the end of the episode. For real, how does this very red record player just happen to have the answer to this code that Lydia just magically writes? Do we ever get any answers in this show? Nope.

Only 6 for Kira? She’s a bad ass, you’d figure she’d fetch a better price. In fact, the whole wolf pack is pretty low compared to 250 thou each for the Wendigo family. Also, why are Kira’s mom, Peter Hale, and Malia not on the list? All of them have proven to be extremely deadly at different times. They stole from Peter, so they clearly know about him. I can’t wait to see the repercussions of him killing the Mouthless Wonder. It’s actually really logical that someone would pay a bunch of assassins to eliminate the supernatural population of beacon hills. I mean, they’re really starting to draw attention.