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“All the Feels” by Olivia Dade

So, full disclosure, I have interviewed Olivia Dade and she is delightful. She is a kind, lovely person, and I love her books. If you want to read about her, our interview appears in the Festival Review’s Inkhorn.

If you enjoyed Spoiler Alert, you probably remember Alex, Marucs’ best friend and co-star in a big-budget fantasy TV show. Alex is a loose cannon if ever there was one, and has caught flack from industry bigwigs. This leads to him being assigned a “minder,” someone to keep him in line until the finale of Gods of the Gates airs.

That’s where Lauren comes in- her asshole cousin, one of the honchos on Gods of the Gates, asks her to take care of Alex. While Lauren has been trying to take a well-deserved vacation, she knows her family would tell her to take the job as a favor. Plus, the gig is a lot cushier than she’s used to, and will provide a financial cushion as she contemplates her next move.

Lauren has to keep Alex in sight pretty much all the time, and they eventually become friendly. Still, Lauren finds it increasingly difficult to keep emotional distance from the Alex behind the gorgeous exterior. Alex is facing some equally difficult choices, as his public perception is in the toilet; and he is facing the release of the last season of a show he used to be proud of, but can’t stand behind anymore.

I adored Alex and Lauren. They both have obvious flaws, and those flaws make a lot of sense given their backgrounds and the choices they have made. Alex in particular makes this book a favorite for me. He’s just so darling, and you don’t usually see a grumpy/sunshine where the guy gets to be sunshine! Alex has a lot of internal conflict, and despite acting like an open book he is a private person. I loved seeing him do things on his own terms. I also loved Lauren growing to advocate for herself and see her worth better, her journey from feelings of inadequacy and exhaustion to a more joyful, full life is compelling. Dade’s characters really make this book, and I can’t say enough good things about them. The dialogue is sparkling, it’s funny as hell, and I just can’t recommend it enough.

All the Feels can be purchased wherever books are sold, or borrowed from your local library. If you would like to read my review of Spoiler Alert, you can find it here.