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“Grey’s Anatomy”ing my way through quarantine

I decided that the quarantine was the optimal time to finally commit to watching Grey’s Anatomy, as it is a fifteen season ordeal and I wanted to find something to fill my time.

I have just gotten through season two, and it does not wait to get wild.

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Everyone Cheats

There is one married couple on the show who seems faithful. Dr. Bailey seems happy in her marriage, but no one else seems to know a damn thing about “till death do us part.” Dr. McDreamy, one of the main characters who we are supposed to like, cheats on his wife for the whole first season. Said wife, who we are also supposed to like also cheats. I am hard-pressed to think of a character who is honest with their partners.

Inappropriate Relationships  

Again, no one is having sex with people who they should be having sex with. Meredith and Cristina both sleep with their bosses. Everyone sleeps with their coworkers, bosses, and there are no consequences?

Cringe Reaction GIF

Alex Sucks

I know we’re supposed to hate Alex and everything, and then sympathize with him, but he is just the worst. He is a flagrant misogynist, he sexually harasses his coworker, and he disrespects patients. One episode that made him particularly distasteful to me is when he shames a woman who wants to get her tubes tied and not tell her husband. Then, he tells the woman’s husband to sue the doctor who did it, because she pissed him off. He’s insubordinate, an asshole, and he just is terrible. Booo.

Dr. Bailey is my Queen

Bailey is the one character who I actually like and trust. She is severe, but a great boss and teacher, and I love her. I am probably not going to watch this show anymore, but I love Dr. Bailey and she is worth the time I have spent on it. 

greys anatomy GIF by ABC Network

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