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Teen Wolf: Time of Death

Well, that title isn’t ominous at all.

Okay, adorable with the sleepy Malia sass and the whole old married couple thing going on. And then Stiles is alone. That’s actually so sad. I’ve started to really like them together, albeit against my will.

Agent McCall actually giving a shit about his son is nice. There are so many shitty parents on this show, we deserve at least one redemption story. I also appreciate the moment of fatherly advice, because while Scott is a grown up, dealing with grown up wolf stuff, he also still needs his parents. Wow, observant FBI agent. Nice. I can’t wait to see what Scott decides to tell him.

Man, does Doc get this emotional about every guy who comes into the ER? Oh, great. Scott’s dead again. Wow, I can’t wait to hear how they explain it this time.

“What are you doin’?” Bless you Derek.

“You’re not inspiring confidence” “Good, this is a terrible idea.” XD love the mother-daughter dialogue. And what happened to that stupid “we’re moving” storyline? Maybe they just dropped it, because they realized no one gives a shit about something they know won’t happen.

“What happens after 45 mintues?” Duh, dude. He fricking dies. The episode is called Time of Death.

Ooh, sexy bandaging scene. Is it just me, or are his muscles smaller than usual? Also, I love Braeden. Obviously, as she is both a POC and a woman, her time on the show is limited, but I’ll enjoy her while it lasts. She’s got a lot of power, despite not being supernatural, and lots of confidence. Though, like every other female character on the show, she appears to be wearing a Halloween costume. “Sexy Banshee,” “Sexy Kitsune,” “Sexy Assassin,” ect. COSTUME DESIGNERS, ATTENTION! Maybe actually have the characters wear things that their characters would wear. Instead of what you think would draw a male audience. Thanks.

And Malia’s adopted. Nice. Really, considering she’d been missing for years, couldn’t her dad have found it in him to tell her when she returned to him miraculously? Are we ever going to see her dad again? Also, Peter, as usual, prioritizing the important stuff.

And Stiles is his usual self

Also, Malia’s perfectly understated facial expressions are amazing. I kind of think Malia will do fine with the news. After all, she’s been a Coyote most of her life, and she values pack over blood any day, right? Though she’s years behind the other in terms of math, she has intuition and cleverness on her side. Peter is conniving ass, and she’ll realize that.

Oh, there’s Lydia. Twenty minutes into the episode and I wondered if she was sitting this one out.

Okay, I like this. Derek seems to be lightening up around Braeden. Oh, Derek. Good, you just fall for her, work together and hang out in the loft, bench pressing and wearing tank tops, and come crying to us when she gets killed.

Derek Hale Teen Wolf animated GIF 

Okay, Liam conveniently learns to control his powers.

Also, as I predicted, Peter and Malia have become the sass dream team. Also, why did Talia take so many apparently crucial memories from her family members? Wtf Talia? Or, overused plot device of Talia taking memories from someone to extend the mystery.

Oh, I like the team work with the moms- Melissa and Noshiko should hang out.

This episode definitely has too much going on. We have flashbacks, dream sequence Scott, Lydia and her mom, Peter and Malia, and the whole mess of tiny groups at the hospital.


Wow, poor mama Yukimura. Hope she’s okay. The way Scott and Kira hold hands is the most awkward.

I love the Lydia storyline we’re heading towards, because we might actually get some answers about her, and she might get more than two seconds of screen time.

Side note for any Disney/Pixar fans, the Edna Mode tag on tumblr is just fantastic.


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