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Teen Wolf: “Weaponized”

Wow, an episode about the SATs? I thought I was done with those two years ago. Not exactly their most inventive. I mean, these writers just love any excuse to lock all of the students inside the school building. It’ll be a miracle if anyone is left alive by graduation.

Also, way to be observant, Mrs. Martin! I mean, the adults in Beacon Hills aren’t known for their cunning or observation. I guess we know where Lydia gets it from. I mean, from what little we’ve seen of her dad, he looks none too bright. So I guess her brilliance comes from her mother’s side.

Okay, there has to be a cure for this thing, now that Scott’s infected. Is no one keeping Liam in the loop? Now he’s a werewolf, his step dad, the doctor can probably help. I mean, there’s a reason he was established as a character.

Why isn’t Lydia at her house, instead of the lake house? Something’s going down with that lake house, unless they somehow misplaced the set for Lydia’s room. Also, even when she’s going through a crisis, her hair game is always on point.

The awkwardness between Kira and Malia while waiting to get tested is so real. Also, why isn’t Malia wearing any clothes? Put on some pants, girl. Also, way to get the vault open without revealing her true parentage. It looks pretty damn cool, too. I’m actually wondering how many people know about Malia’s dad. I mean, Peter knows, Scott knows, Stiles knows. Does Derek? She’s a part of his family too. He doesn’t have much family either, so I think he’d appreciate it. I’m just not sure what Malia’s dad is going to do about it. His only living family turns out to not actually be his biological daughter. I’d really like to see a Malia focused episode, just to see what her home life looks like. A really sweet Stalia moment- gotta say, the trust there would be awesome if he weren’t keeping half a dozen secrets from her.

But Thats None Of My Business Drinking animated GIF

Also, sweet moment with Derek having a family. Except that most of them are dead. yeah. And it just so happens that the memory Derek retained the the secret to saving the day. %sin of convenience

Also, doing the germ spreading with the ink? Clever. Man, biological warfare is scary. And everyone’s okay! It’s actually resolved fairly quickly. But seriously, what a fricking coincidence that IT WAS THERE THE WHOLE TIME. IN THE PLACE OUR HEROES FLED FOR SAFETY. A+ WRITERS.

And now Malia knows the truth.

Drama Dramatic animated GIF

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