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Finding Carter: Midseason Trailer Analysis

After the bombshell that was episode seven of Finding Carter, a pretty great episode following an iffy few, we got this great mid-season trailer to give us an idea of what’s to come. If you haven’t seen it yet, you can watch it here.

Okay, the beginning of the trailer (the first few seconds) covers everyone being grateful for Carter’s decision. Then, with everyone all cheery and bright-eyed, Grant drops the bombshell about Elizabeth’s affair. As a result, apparently, Elizabeth doesn’t want her marriage to end and wants to make things good with David? Despite the fact that until the end of episode seven she’s been on the verge of leaving him for a while now, at least a year, given her “anniversary” with her boyfriend, Gabe’s dad. This will probably complicate their relationship further, as we see his sad face for like one frame.

It also seems like, in happier news, Taylor and Max may consummate their relationship. He didn’t get to be her first kiss, so this should make Max happy. I’m in support of this plot point, because Taylor has really grown on me, and Max is awesome, definitely my favorite character. If they can just be happy for a few episodes, I’ll be glad. Maxflower forever! I mean, probably not. Max is sweet for a first love, but he’s not the long-term type. I just really ship them right now.

It appears that Bird is a shoplifter? Probably got a five finger discount on that fancy bracelet she gave Carter as a goodbye present. Hopefully she’ll come clean instead of letting her friend take the fall. I’m really conflicted about Bird. I’m pretty sure she’s actually bipolar, her character is so inconsistent.

We get a second of Carter yelling at Elizabeth, possibly related to her affair, or David’s book, which it is implied that she finds out about.David coming clean about the book would make me like him way more. His character initially gave me the impression of a good guy in a bad place, but now with his possible relationship to Lori, writing Finding Carter secretly, and manipulating his guilty wife, I’m getting more of a sinister vibe from him.

Carter and Max argue, possibly related to Crash, whom he doesn’t seem to like, or because she is talking about running away again. It’s probable that after Elizabeth and David’s secrets come out, that Carter will regret her choice. She placed her trust in them, or at least in her father, and they both lied to her unrepentantly and repeatedly. So she’ll probably have a lot to say about that.

Crash appears to be on the decline, which I was kind of expecting. Things got so serious with Carter so fast, and he seems really impulsive so it would figure he’s a basket case. I have no idea how to explain the blood or the gun at the end, but I guess we’ll see soon.

Can’t wait to see the next episode, hopefully with less product placement! Read my review of episode seven here in the mean time.


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