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Finding Carter: “The Heat”

As usual, just to start, Max is his delightful self. And Carter reminds us that she is a bossypants. Has anyone else noticed that Carter is a brat? I mean, she’s had a shitty hand dealt her, but would it kill her to be pleasant?

Carter is blatantly using Crash, and he calls her on it, whereupon she uses her womanly wiles and brokeness to get him to help her. She’s not leading him on here at all. Great job keeping us in suspense, writers.

Annoyed Eye Roll animated GIF

Grant having adorable twelve-year old problems is just great. 🙂 I really like his relationship with Carter. While she’s just plain objectionable around most characters, she’s good with him.

Nice one on worming your way into Elizabeth’s trust, Carter. She’s unnervingly good at manipulating people. Considering how many people keep trying to control her, it’s a surprise. Also, Elizabeth is pretty self aware about how Carter feels about here. And David is suspicious. Didn’t see that before. This episode shows us a more conniving David than we’ve seen before.

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Oooh, David wants a divorce. And he knows that Lizzy’s gettin busy with Bad Cop. Wow, he is going to burn her hard.

Carter and Elizabeth having actual fun. Maybe bonding is possible! And then they’re at a crime scene, and they have a deep conversation. We even get to see Elizabeth act a bit like a human being, and talk about her feelings.

Okay, little thing, but if you’re married to a guy for upwards of sixteen years, why are you surprised he knows your sandwich preference? For real, we can see the distance between these two right then.

And Max picking up Taylor and just carrying her is amazing. Because everything Max does is amazing.

I kind of like the report between Taylor and Carter here, the nicknames “tough Taylor” it’s cute. And she’s trying to make Taylor feel welcome with her friends. And then they walk into a room in which zero of the occupants are wearing a shirt. And Taylor loses her shit. The wallflower literally walks into a wall. Or a glass door. Taylor’s just adorable.

And there’s a cozy moment between Elizabeth and David, which is totally broken up by Bad Cop calling her cell. This scene was nice, it gives us a good idea of why they’re a couple, despite being abjectly miserable together. It shows us that there was love there, that there’s history that justifies their lives now.

And man does Taylor move fast! Go girl, lose that lip virginity. Contrasting her kisses with Ofe, Gabe, and finally Max, we see the way she feels about each of them. Ofe is kind of her friend, but mostly a nice stranger, and he teaches her the basics. Then she kind of goes crazy lust monster on Gabe, who she had a big yen for, and then she kisses Max, who’s been super sweet and caring towards her, and it’s romantic. Then they non-literally blow the joint.

Taylor not getting that Gabe is totally into her now is amazing, because she is so cool. And then Max putting his foot down and being strong about not wanting to be involved with Lori’s master plan. Max is overall going above and beyond this episode, A+.

Wow, Bird is really aggressively going after Crash. She’s just made things super awkward. Something is up with that girl.

And suddenly everyone except Carter is getting some! Seriously, this may be the first episode in which she does not kiss someone. And we round off the episode with her and Elizabeth reconciling in a small way, and Lori and Max having a small confrontation. Max is clearly anti-Lori at this point, and I do see his point of view. In fact, I see what the show is trying to do with making us want her to stay with her bio family, but at the same time, Lori is her mother. For as long as she can remember, Lori was her only family, and you can’t just snap out of that.

Carter Stevens


Mom has had an affair with her partner, who is also Gabe’s dad. She ended it, but now it’s back on and she said that it’s over between her and her husband. Daddy David actually has known about it this whole time, and is planning on divorcing her.

Carter is trying to get back with Lori, her “real” mom. Everyone kind of knows this, though.

David and Elizabeth know that they are in foreclosure, but the kids aren’t in the loop. Also, they just used their daughters to get money from her parents. Also, David got a huge check from his publisher, but his agent took it back so that Elizabeth won’t get half when they separate.

Dad is secretly writing the book about Carter, though he promised her he wouldn’t.

Carter and Dad are the only ones who know that Carter nearly got caught with Crash in a stolen car.

Max told Carter that Lori is secretly in town, working on a way for them to be together again.

Carter appears to be the only one who knows that someone abused Bird. We’ll probably hear more about this later.

Carter is trying to keep it from her parents that she and Crash are still friends, though nothing more, but they’re pretty much the only ones who don’t know.

I may have to start a separate list on romantic entanglements, this is getting complicated!

But here’s a brief summary on the romantic side of things.

Carter isn’t into anyone right now, but she’s sad? The crying at the end of this episode confused me. She’s so far kissed Max, (though that’s clearly over) Gabe, and Crash, who she is trying to stay away from, and who Bird is really into.

Gabe used to be into Carter, but since the kissfest now he wants Taylor. Bad timing, dude. Also, kind of a dick move, first he tried to get Taylor to help him hook up with Carter and now the reverse. Never do you bounce off sisters like that.

Taylor wants Max, and used to want Gabe, but she got over him. Irony. What’s gonna happen now that Gabe wants her back?

Max likes Taylor. That’s pretty simple, like him. 🙂

Bird really wants Crash, and they appear to have done the deed in her closet. While her friends were outside. Bad manners.

Crash still wants Carter, but will take what he can get. Really, not good judgement on his part. Never do you get between a girl and her best friend. Even if said bestie is kind of emotionally disturbed and always acting weird.

Moment of appreciation for this scene:


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