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Teen Wolf: “Orphaned”

Well, that title isn’t ominous. And the return of Krazy Kate! How we missed you. Though she apparently is unaware of who the benefactor is either, so that makes things more interesting. Personally, I think the benefactor has to be Gerard. It has to be someone we know, or else there would be no point in keeping his identity a big secret. I initially thought it might have been Kira’s mother, Noshiko, but then her name appeared on the list, so nah. But it would explain them wanting to get out of town. Still, if it’s Gerard, then you’d think he would have reached out to his daughter.

But back to discussing Kira! While I really want to like her, she’s really underdeveloped. Especially coming after a character like Allison, who was so vibrant and interesting. She and Scott had amazing chemistry, whenever they were together, no matter the context of the situation. With Scott and Kira, that energy just isn’t there. Unless the writers really want us to like her, writing scenes just to make us root for them, like the one down by the lake, there’s no energy between Scott and Kira.

Krazy Kate is scary, for sure, but not nearly as interesting a villain as Peter. He’s got precise evil on his side, she’s just sloppy and murderous. Together? I’m not going to lie, I have no idea where they’re taking this.

What is with the old NPR programing on the Hale family? Who could possibly have recorded that? These tapes are just another weird plot thing, like that insane thing with Lydia and the record player. The whole time I’m just like.

Shocked Summer Roberts animated GIF

Okay, so they’re orphans. How does Agent McCall know about that? How in the know is he?

Okay, new beta boy gets saved. And Peter is doing something weird. Never trust Peter, Derek. He might be one of your only family members still living, but he’s not even in the same county as trustworthy or the came country as reliable. The only constants in Peter are a lust for power, and a disregard for the lives of almost everyone else.

Scott finds a ton of money, and lies to Baby Scott about it. I thought he was turning over a new, more truthful leaf? And why would anyone keep that in a gym locker?

College Real Housewives animated GIF

Malia delightfully being herself, and someone is whispering her name. Okay, Derek. That’s a little creepy. Man, he is really losing his touch. I’m actually a bit worried for Derek. I’m almost never bothered about anything physical happening to Scott, he’s pretty much invulnerable, at least in theory, as an alpha, though he’s pretty emotionally vulnerable. Derek is losing his power, and he’s pretty damn messed up, considering the amount of emotional torture that has been inflicted on him over the years.

teen wolf animated GIF

And Liam’s captured. Great. Just what this episode needed.

Exactly how much does Deputy Parish know? I’m always suspicious of newcomers to Beacon Hills, but he’s kind of unnerving. Handsome, but unnerving.

Doctor Who Eleventh Doctor animated GIF

Oh, good. I hated that Garret kid. So cocky, and just generally irritating. Plus, I bet he’s killed a bunch of people, which, while typical in the Teen Wolf universe, isn’t very nice, especially for a young kid.

Liam climbing out of the well on his own? Initiative. Finally. Is that character development? Who knows, I’m pretty sure I’ve forgotten what it looks like!

Oh, shit, Violet’s dead too. Too bad. I figured we were supposed to learn about these mysterious “orphans” through them. Oh well, they were both pretty annoying. Why did Scott and Chris not bring more ammo to this party? Also, why can’t Scott just sniff him out with his potent alpha powers? Liam’s fear has to be pretty smelly, plus he and Scott are bonded now. With like brotherhood wolf-type stuff. Great moment after Scott rescues Liam, I almost thought they would kiss. Lol. Love the trust building between them.

Okay, evil Peter makes a comeback. Creepy. Wondering if any of this is going to effect his relationship with his daughter? Maybe he should, IDK make a plan.

Teen Wolf animated GIF


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