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Teen Wolf: “117”

Teen Wolf never makes any sense. While I love the show and the characters dearly, none of it ever seems to have any rhyme or reason. And that’s okay.

Confused Harry Potter animated GIF 

Teen Wolf gives you all the feels. Essentially, every season ends with me like this:

whatever i dont need your approval animated GIF

The show has gotten a lot darker since season one, which literally had entire episodes focused on whether or not Scott would play in a lacrosse game. Yep.

Last episode ended on the OMG DEREK IS FIFTEEN WTF IS HAPPENING cliffhanger. Just the sheer amount of jokes based on their trip to Mexico is great. But now Derek’s back to his normal bearded self, whom we adore, so good. Lemme just say, nothing creepier than Krazy Kate making out with baby-faced Derek. SO. INNAPRO.

While I understand Papa Argent exiting the show, I can’t help but feel like we’re missing out on some possibly amazing Chris and Kate scenes. The Teen Wolf writers have kept kicking Chris while he’s down, but I wish that he and Isaac were still around, despite my legit hatred for Isaac. They would have been great for some buddy cop moments. Also, when you hear that your dead sister is killing people again, maybe you come back to town, eh? Also, does anyone know what happened to Grandpa Argent? Shouldn’t he have totally died by now?

Some of the best moments of this episode, as with all of them, is Sheriff Stilinski being a hot mess. Ever since he was let in the loop, FINALLY (really, you’d think they’d try to get law enforcement on their side before?) Papa Stilinski has been FREAKING THE HELL OUT every time something unexpected happens. With everyone else so jaded, it’s kind of sweet. Like, aww. Sheriff, you’re only just now realizing what Beacon Hills is all about.

Dog Dramatic animated GIF 

Another amazing thing we see in this episode is the first meeting of Peter and Malia, the latest member of the Hale extended family. When you think about in, the Hales are pretty fricking fertile. Derek had at least two sisters, and then there’s Peter. And these are just the people who survived the fire that supposedly killed everyone in their family. Not to mention badass Talia Hale, who somehow perished in the fire despite her aforementioned coolness? But back to living members of the Hale family.

Every word out of Malia’s mouth is amazing. “Basically Satan in a v-neck” God bless. I love Malia as a character. She is blunt, and sassy, and I love her. I don’t like her with Stiles, because she clearly doesn’t yet understand how to function as a human yet, and being in a relationship right away does not a well-adjusted were-cayote make.

                                         And Malia Omgggg Kira Looked So Badasssssssssss animated GIF

Peter: “Can someone in this town stay dead?” The Malia sass cannot be contained. I love it! I’m sure when Malia finds out about Peter, it’s going to be rude awakening, but I have hopes. Peter has gone through a lot of (very strange) character development since season one when he was the big bad, so maybe he and Malia can have a dynamic relationship. They’re already a scene stealer. Although him running off to ineffectively stop the oncoming storm and leaving her and Scott to fend for themselves does not father of the year win.

I liked exploring the relationship between Lydia and Kira, even briefly, and their little adventure in finding dead gas station attendants. Lydia’s gift will hopefully be further explored in this season, mostly because Lydia is one of the best characters with the least mythology to explain her abilities. Pretty much ever animal with teeth and claws has become a “were” now, so tell us more about the banshee!

                                            Holland Roden Lydia Martin animated GIF

Lydia is dynamic, a scene stealing presence with the power of sass. She has totally come into herself and found her place in the show. She’s fun, and smart, and has dynamic and interesting relationships with everyone on the show. Stydia is one of the driving forces of the fandom, and it is DEFINITELY end game.




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